Splunk services, Splunk professionals


Splunk services, Splunk professionals

SPLUNK Solution Center by c5 knowledge (C5K)

ALL the cERTIFIED SPLUNK EXPERTS under one roof!

You need assistance for architecting, implementing, training, development and configuration of any Splunk solution,
call us now, you are at the right place! 

C5K's Splunk Solution Center works closely with your team so you can get the reports & analytics you need.


Did you know ?

Did you know ?


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Pushing or collecting machine data to Splunk from log files, connection to databases, integration with existing BI tools, access to data lakes or other sources require a strategic approach.

Classifying and securing information must be taken into account when you start indexing data into Splunk: managing SSL certificates, identifying and locating of the information to index and other infrastructure related aspects, since Splunk servers require their own planning, security and maintenance. 

Our Splunk Solution Center works closely with your team to ensure you can quickly and securely start using Splunk for the reporting and analytics you need. Your team will start using the comprehensive reporting and analytics powered by the Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL™) for searching and analyzing in real-time and through historical data. We will ensure proper access limitation, and audit who accessed what information at anytime.

Among the services offered, custom training and support adapted to your project needs, assistance for setting up and deploying your test environment for Splunk data integration, testing of reports and alerts, building dashboards and customizing reports by taking advantage of sets of predefined tools, all this provided by our Splunk professionals.

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Splunk software scales to collect and index gigabytes, even terabytes of data per day, across locations throughout the world, in multiple data centres and hybrid cloud infrastructure. Your internal resources will have access to a team of dedicated, certified Splunk Architects, Administrators, Developers,  BI Specialists, and Splunk Power Users. Benefit from our team's extensive expertise and knowledge in Splunk solutions.

Contact C5K's Splunk Solution Center to accelerate your Splunk platform projects. Services can be provided either on-site or remotely, using support technologies such as web or video conferencing, web access or by phone.


Our virtual remote support model offers you a quick and secure way to onboard experts to help at any phase of your Splunk project. We provide enhanced security support activities which can be monitored and recording of remote work sessions for later review by auditors or to comply to the specific security requirements of your project. 

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