Regions served: US and Canada

For over a decade, EView Technology has been a trusted “go-to” resource when it comes to managing and integrating the IBM server environments into the leading IT Enterprise Management software providers.   EView Technology specializes in software solutions that seamlessly integrate management, monitoring, and automated control of IBM mainframe and AS/400-iSeries environments into leading IT Management, Discovery platforms, and IT Operational Intelligence (BigData/Analytics) enterprise platforms.

Customers select EView Technology for our expertise in providing comprehensive solutions which facilitate the consolidation of the IBM legacy server environments under a single view. The EView solutions take the complex and make it look easy.  Today, EView Technology has hundreds of customers in over 35 countries worldwide, in a wide range of industries including: financial, insurance, utilities, government, retail, manufacturing and managed services.

Regions served: Canada

ESI Technologies helps Canadian companies accelerate their business since 1994 by connecting the critical areas of data transformation into knowledge. ESI's mission is to provide solutions from the leading technology providers in the industry to manage, protect and transform data into meaningful, competitive insights driving better outcomes.

ESI offers state-of-the-art technological expertise and a depp unestandign of buisness challenges in order to gain real added value from data volumes, for a tangible competitive advantage in a constantly evolving market.


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