Our remote assistance center experts at Multiforce will help you integrate and use these COMMON DATA SOURCES used for Application Delivery improvement using the Splunk platform:

Middleware & Database

  • Java – J2EE (log4J, JMS, MQ, TibcoEMS, HornetQ, RabbitMQ, Native JMS, Weblogic JMS, etc.)
  • Middleware (Tibco, Software AG etc.)
  • Web Server (access_combined, access_combined_wcookie, access_common, apache_error, iis, nginx, etc.)
  • Application Server (log4j, log4php, weblogic_stdout, websphere_activity, websphere_core, websphere_trlog, etc.)
  • Mobile Devices
  • Database error logs


  • Performance Test Logs
  • Functional Test Logs
  • Security Test Logs
  • Debug Logs
  • Release Error Logs
  • Code Management Logs




  • We work with you to integrate your custom data sources


  • Apache Web Logs
  • Application Error Logs
  • Application Performance Logs
  • Application Authentication Logs
  • Business Process Logs (Payments status, batch upload status, customer order status, etc.)
  • Mail Server Logs