Using Splunk DB Connect we help you deliver reliable, scalable integration between Splunk software and relational databases. 

Using the Splunk ODBC driver configuration strategy allows reporting on machine data using your choice of business intelligence software.

  • Get insights across real-time and historical data.
  • Easily archive your data in Splunk to Hadoop for audit or compliance needs.
  • Join that with your existing data in Hadoop to get full value from your data at rest.

We help you integrate structured data from relational databases and enterprise data warehouses with the machine data in Splunk software to drive deeper levels of operational intelligence and business insights from your Big Data. 

WANT TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE Splunk db connect app AND splunk odbc DRIVER?

contact us and Let our Data architects, BI Specialists, Developers and Business AnalystS work with you to add context and extend Splunk with access to Relational Data.