The main use cases of Splunk in the analytics of IT operations have proven that they improve the management of events, incidents, and problems.

  • Better detection: the customer is notified by IT
  • Faster triage: often conducted by 1st level staff without all hands on deck
  • Faster investigation (MTTI) through rapid log search and correlation conducted in conjunction by different teams
  • Capacity to follow-up issue until the fix is implemented
  • Faster and more comprehensive root cause analysis helping to reduce incident recurrence

Splunk platform customer feedback, based on more than 700 deployments:

  • 15%-45% reduction in high priority incidents
  • 70%-90% reduction in incident investigation time
  • 67%-82% reduction in business impact
  • 5%-20% increase in infrastructure capacity utilization
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Reduced Severity 1 & 2 incidents by 43%


Reduced MTTR by 95% and escalations by 50%


Improved API performance by 50% reducing need for infrastructure upgrades and increasing user satisfaction


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