SPLUNK Architect

We will help you use concepts and best practices for sizing, scaling, and deploying Splunk across your organization when designing and implementing a Splunk distributed deployment. You have an existing Splunk to migrate? We establish with you a migration plan to help reduce efforts and downtime when upgrading or moving your Splunk instance, or transferring existing data to another Splunk.

Splunk Enterprise administrator

Whether you're responsible for a single Splunk instance or a massive deployment, we support you and offer advice on the configuration, management, upgrade, data migration and monitoring of the indexer, forwarder, license manager and search head of Splunk Enterprise.

Splunk for Big Data analytics Specialist

You go the  Big Data way? We help you to quickly start benefiting from the analytics framework, perform exploratory data analysis, machine learning workflow, using algorithms to build models, market segmentation and transactional analysis, anomaly detection, classification, estimation and prediction.

Analytical Tool Specialist

We can help you with the management of Splunk knowledge objects such as field extractions, tags, event types, alerts, and data models, etc. The Search and reporting app and pivot feature create robust searches, reports and charts in Splunk: creation of advanced dashboards, forms, and visualizations, XML, use tokens, event handlers, drilldowns, custom stylesheets, implement advanced Splunk commands and lookup methods.

IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) SPLUNK SPECIALIST

You have invested in Splunk for IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)? We can help you with the architecture, deployment planning, installation, service design and implementation, configuring entities, notable events, and developing glass tables and deep dives.

Splunk Developer (Apps, PlugIn, Scripts)

We will make you discover the power of Splunk's Web Framework that helps you create rich, interactive dashboards and forms. You will be packaging Splunk knowledge objects and distributing them across your organization quickly and efficiently.

Splunk Specialist for Enterprise Security

Configure, manage, and use the Splunk App for Enterprise Security with confidence; our team of Splunk Architects and System Admins are trained to support this app.


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