You will find in our Solution Center experts who, in addition to implementing Splunk solutions, can also help you in the realization of your project in security. Our Splunk architects and security experts are certified at various levels.

Splunk solutions have been experienced by hundreds of customers who rely on Splunk for maintaining their security infrastructure. Implementation of Splunk security solutions include use cases such as detection of targeted attacks, data breaches, e-crime and malware.

Top results include the following:

  1. Faster 1st level triage on security attacks with less resources as opposed to reviewing only a subset of attacks
  2. Faster deep dive investigation on security incidents that require further proactive and reactive analysis
  3. Faster implementation of critical security controls across all layers of the organization, ultimately resulting in full enterprise visibility and a reduction of risks
  4. Continuous compliance on components and policies resulting in faster and simpler audits

Results obtained by customers around the globe using Splunk Enterprise Security:

  • 70-90% faster detection and triage of security events
  • 70-90% faster investigation of security incidents
  • 70-90% reduction in compliance reporting time
  • 10-50% reduction in risk of data breach, intellectual property theft, fraud


  • Reduced effort on security staff tasks saving more than $500,000 per year

A SaaS company

  • Reduced fraud & abuse by 50% converting fraudulent users to paying customers


  • Reduced compliance reporting time by over 80% for SOX, SAS-70 and PCI

During the implementation of hundreds of deployments for Splunk customers of Enterprise Security, the following common data sources are widely used for security, compliance and fraud.

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