Common data sources used in IT operations intelligence and analytics

Our team of experts will support you with the various settings and procedures required to start collecting events and implementing Splunk for all these technologies, while keeping your data on Splunk storage, securely archived and encrypted on the Cloud of your choice. You may need to consider a backup strategy and a DR scenario.


  • SNMP
  • DHCP
  • Firewall
  • Load balancer
  • Network switches
  • Network routers: Cisco CDR, Cisco ASA, Cisco Syslog, Clavister
  • NetFlow
  • Proxies

Server & Storage

  • OS logs: NTsyslog, Snare, DHCPD, Linux Secure, AIX Secure, OSX Secure, Syslog, PerfMon CPU Time, PerfMon Free Disk space, WinEvent, etc.
  • VMware server logs
  • AWS logs: CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Config, S3, etc.
  • MS Azure logs: WADEvent, WADPerformanceCounter, WADDiagnostInfrastructure, etc.
  • Backup logs
  • Storage logs

Middleware & Database

  • Java – J2EE: Log4J, JMS, MQ, TibcoEMS, HornetQ, RabbitMQ, Native JMS, Weblogic JMS, etc.
  • Middleware: Tibco, Software AG etc.
  • Web server: Access Combined, Access Combined wcookie, Access Common, Apache Error, IIS, NGINX, etc.
  • Application server: Log4j, Log4php, WebLogic STDOUT, WebSphere Activity, WebSphere Core, WebSphere TrLog, etc.
  • Mobile devices
  • Database error logs


  • Application error logs
  • Application performance & usage logs
  • Application authentication logs
  • Business process logs (payment status, batch upload status, customer order status, etc.)
  • Mail server logs